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Sand filter

The suspended matter in the water is removed and filtered.

Carbon filter

The activated carbon filter removes suspended matter and organic impurities present in water. It also removes bad smell if present in water and de-chlorinates the excessive chlorine.

Micron filter

At SilverLine, water is passed through three sizes of micron filter with progressively smaller sizes(10 micron, 1 micron, 0.5 micron) of pour for filtration and to get crystal clear water.


Reverse Osmosis filtering is by far the best method of purification of water available in the world . At SilverLine one of the finest RO process is being used and the resultant water is exceptionally purified.

UV sterilizer
When water is sterilized with UV rays, the presence of bacteria and virus in the purified water is completely ruled out. This process also increases shelf life of water.

Ozonisation not only kills all the viruses and bacteria, it increases the shelf life of purified water. At SilverLine, process is done with the use of Oxygen concentrator (medical grade oxygen) and not extracted from the atmosphere.Thus SilverLine ozonisation is the best and safest.

Silver Ionization
The process of ionization resulting Oligodynamic effects offers a modern approach to water disinfection without the use of hazardous chemicals. The silver component destroys algae and kills proving to be an effective means to maintaining superior water quality. The dosage well within WHO, FSSAI and BIS limits.